I just got back home from a long day... Every Saturday my fiance visit some of their projects, because it's the salary day for the people who works for them since they are painting contractors and works in a construction . Since it's Mya's (my soon-2-be-sis-in-law) rest day today she decided to come with us because we also need to buy a make up kit box for ate Ivy (Their eldest sister) because it's her birthday, but unfortunately her boyfriend couldn't come because he had to go somewhere. After visiting some of my fiance's project, it's time for us to have lunch, since I just have rice for breakfast I don't feel that hungry yet so we decided to just have pizza in Pizza Hut.

Meat Ball and Mushroom Rice

My Fiance enjoying his rice meal with Creamy mushroom Soup

Ham Bacon and Mushroom pizza for me and Mya

Yummy Pizza!

Mya enjoying the Wifi while waiting for our food

After lunch we stroll around the mall looking for a make up kit box for ate Ivy, we searched all over the mall and we couldn't find any until we entered this make up store, they are the only one who have what we are looking for but we were shocked when we learn about the price of the make up kit box, it was 11,000 lng naman....no wonder why other store don't sell this thing hehehe... So we ended giving her a blouse from Kisses & Co. instead.... hehehe...

After buying the gift we got tired and decided to have DQ ice cream before going home. I have Brownies temptation while Mya have M&M.

Tired... but still looking good...



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