Me in Dave Hill Effect/Color Splash/ Wing Effect

My soon to be sister-in-law Mya is our personal photographer together with her boyfriend Chris. At first it was just her hobby, since she graduated mass communication and I think it's somehow related to it, in broadcasting for instance, whatever. Her photography hobby I started when she had her first Pentax digital camera, and guess who were the first one to take picture in that camera?!?! of course it was me... I love being taken photo... I love to pose around.. hehehe... Anyways, her hobby became more serious when she bought her SLR Nikon D40. It was just before we go on a summer trip to Boracay. It was a memorable vacation (since my fiance proposed to me then and Mya captured it with her magical hand... naks....) .
Yesterday was Mya's rest day, she just stayed home making herself busy editing pictures, by the way she's not only an aspiring photographer but she also likes to edit pictures and most of the time "my pictures".

Here are some of her recent works:

Mya the Photographer/Graphic Artist

Ate Ivy in Wing Effect

Carlo and Friends in Beam Effect

Chris, the backup photographer / mya's BF in Wing Effect

Ca with his band mates in Smoke Effect



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