TV Sitcoms I love

It's been a while since I last made a post, I've been very busy these past few days. Anyways nothing much happened to me. It's Friday again today, it's my favorite day and we're going to Tarlac again to visit my fiance's grandmother. I love going to provinces because life there is simple and quiet unlike here in Manila.
I was actually planning on staying home this weekend and just download some episodes of The Big Bang Theory . It's a story of a not so ordinary 20 something Physicists and an Engineer. Across Leonard and Sheldon's apartment lived a blonde, outgoing girl named Penny where Leonard fell in love with. The characters are often seen doing their researches and making experiments and most of the time doing weird and nerdy games. I already finished season 1 and I'm almost finish with the season 2. I'm not really into Science but I'm into American sitcoms.
My favorite TV sitcom is Friends I finished all 10 seasons and I still watch it sometimes when I'm sad or just when I feel like laughing , it's a very funny show. I love how Monica and Chandler's love story began and the love-hate relationship of Rachel and Ross and of course how can I forget the funny antics of Joey and Phoebe. I even memorized their expressions like "I KNOW!" and have my haircut like Rachel's layered hair..hehehe...
Another funny sitcom I've seen is That 70's show, the story focus on 7 young adolescence. who are just beginning to explore teenage life. I love how Eric was treated by his very strict father and his very loving mother. The cast are often seen in Eric's Foremans basement.
I also finished How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 actually season 5 is still on going but they already release episodes 1-4 and I've seen it already... I love season 5 because Robin and Barney is already in a relationship. While Lily and Marshal are still happily married and very much excited about Robin and Barney's relationship and Ted now is already an Architectural Professor in a University the job that was offered to him by his ex-girlfriend's husband out of guilt since she ran away during their wedding.
I hope I could discover another funny and interesting sitcom.



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