Movie vs. Sale

The original plan was to watch "The Ugly Truth" since Mya told us that it was a really good movie and it's worth watching. So we went to the mall to see the movie but we picked up Mya and Cris first form their office because were going home together and they will just wait for us until the movie is over. But there was a sudden change of plan, when we finally arrived the mall , I saw a lot of clothes racks outside the boutiques.. this can only mean one thing.... SALE!!!!
You know that feeling when you're excited about something, or something unexpected happened?!?!? Like having butterflies in your stomach?!?!?.... That exactly how I felt when I saw the Sale sign everywhere. I actually don't have any idea about the SM mall sale today but I have this feeling inside me that I want to buy a tube dress and I actually told it to my fiance on our way to the mall, that's why I felt so good about it.
But there was a kick... since the dress I like cost more than a thousand bucks although it's already 10% off, I asked him to pay the half of the total amount, he actually agreed but he told me that I should only choose one, Movie or the Dress... since we're getting married and we need to save money, we really shouldn't spend much and I should only choose one. I didn't think twice of course I choose the dress, I really liked it and I've been eying that dress for like a month now so I grabbed the opportunity , anyway I can just wait for that movie to be out on DVD.
To make the story short... The SALE actually won vs. the movie ... I'm pretty sure I made a good decision and I will surely have a good sleep tonight...

Here are some of my pictures taken in action:

Searching for the perfect dress

Still looking....

I think this is the one and yes it should be pink....

Now... Quality Control!!!!



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