MRT Power Interruption

Yesterday was a terrible day for me, I wasn't able to do my church obligation yesterday because I was late due to power interruption and I had to take a long bus trip, since MRT is not working. I hate riding the bus especially in the afternoon, because people don't smell good anymore unlike in the morning, the bus driver tend to crawl his way to EDSA, and a lot of annoying peanut vendors begging you to buy their peanuts.
At first it was OK because I was still in the office and we normally like it when there's a power interruption in the office because we don't have phone line connection, so meaning no need to work. But reality hits me when I was about to go home. Every Thursday I usually go straight to our church for my church duties, but unfortunately I was late so I just attended church service instead.
Tyhoon Ondoy has been gone for a week now but most of the people still suffer from this tragic experience. Most of the places in the metro are till experiencing power interruption and they scheduled it for today. I'm still in the office, I hope that MRT will not be affected by this.



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