Late lunch at Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch Restaurant is a "fast-steak" restaurant originated in Japan. They serve steaks in sizzling plates. Recently we visited one of their branch in Shangri-la Edsa. We didn't actually plan to eat there, we just went there to visit my fiance's baby brother who works in Ben Sherman. But when we went to his workplace it was his break time and one of his colleague told us that he went out. So we texted him wondering if he already had lunch, but when he replied, he told us that he was in Pepper Lunch, we actually doesn't have any idea about this place. So to make the story short we had lunch there, but when we saw their menu, we were shocked, the price range from 195-500 pesos for one platter..... so not affordable, but it's ok because they have it in big serving so you will surely leave there in full tummy. It's actually like ordering rice in a box in a high profiled resto. But there was a kick, they slash the price for every platter when you order between 3-6 pm. So we just gave it a try , I ordered Pork pepper rice while my boyfriend had chicken pepper rice. And of course we took the chance of using their free wifi connection. It was a nice experience though.

We took some pictures while having lunch....

My Chicken Pepper Rice

Enjoying my Lunch

Just finished...

Carlo and my fiance enjoying the wifi



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