It's been a while since I last made a post, I've been very busy these past few days. Anyways nothing much happened to me. It's Friday again today, it's my favorite day and we're going to Tarlac again to visit my fiance's grandmother. I love going to provinces because life there is simple and quiet unlike here in Manila.
I was actually planning on staying home this weekend and just download some episodes of The Big Bang Theory . It's a story of a not so ordinary 20 something Physicists and an Engineer. Across Leonard and Sheldon's apartment lived a blonde, outgoing girl named Penny where Leonard fell in love with. The characters are often seen doing their researches and making experiments and most of the time doing weird and nerdy games. I already finished season 1 and I'm almost finish with the season 2. I'm not really into Science but I'm into American sitcoms.
My favorite TV sitcom is Friends I finished all 10 seasons and I still watch it sometimes when I'm sad or just when I feel like laughing , it's a very funny show. I love how Monica and Chandler's love story began and the love-hate relationship of Rachel and Ross and of course how can I forget the funny antics of Joey and Phoebe. I even memorized their expressions like "I KNOW!" and have my haircut like Rachel's layered hair..hehehe...
Another funny sitcom I've seen is That 70's show, the story focus on 7 young adolescence. who are just beginning to explore teenage life. I love how Eric was treated by his very strict father and his very loving mother. The cast are often seen in Eric's Foremans basement.
I also finished How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 actually season 5 is still on going but they already release episodes 1-4 and I've seen it already... I love season 5 because Robin and Barney is already in a relationship. While Lily and Marshal are still happily married and very much excited about Robin and Barney's relationship and Ted now is already an Architectural Professor in a University the job that was offered to him by his ex-girlfriend's husband out of guilt since she ran away during their wedding.
I hope I could discover another funny and interesting sitcom.

Movie vs. Sale

The original plan was to watch "The Ugly Truth" since Mya told us that it was a really good movie and it's worth watching. So we went to the mall to see the movie but we picked up Mya and Cris first form their office because were going home together and they will just wait for us until the movie is over. But there was a sudden change of plan, when we finally arrived the mall , I saw a lot of clothes racks outside the boutiques.. this can only mean one thing.... SALE!!!!
You know that feeling when you're excited about something, or something unexpected happened?!?!? Like having butterflies in your stomach?!?!?.... That exactly how I felt when I saw the Sale sign everywhere. I actually don't have any idea about the SM mall sale today but I have this feeling inside me that I want to buy a tube dress and I actually told it to my fiance on our way to the mall, that's why I felt so good about it.
But there was a kick... since the dress I like cost more than a thousand bucks although it's already 10% off, I asked him to pay the half of the total amount, he actually agreed but he told me that I should only choose one, Movie or the Dress... since we're getting married and we need to save money, we really shouldn't spend much and I should only choose one. I didn't think twice of course I choose the dress, I really liked it and I've been eying that dress for like a month now so I grabbed the opportunity , anyway I can just wait for that movie to be out on DVD.
To make the story short... The SALE actually won vs. the movie ... I'm pretty sure I made a good decision and I will surely have a good sleep tonight...

Here are some of my pictures taken in action:

Searching for the perfect dress

Still looking....

I think this is the one and yes it should be pink....

Now... Quality Control!!!!

Yesterday was a terrible day for me, I wasn't able to do my church obligation yesterday because I was late due to power interruption and I had to take a long bus trip, since MRT is not working. I hate riding the bus especially in the afternoon, because people don't smell good anymore unlike in the morning, the bus driver tend to crawl his way to EDSA, and a lot of annoying peanut vendors begging you to buy their peanuts.
At first it was OK because I was still in the office and we normally like it when there's a power interruption in the office because we don't have phone line connection, so meaning no need to work. But reality hits me when I was about to go home. Every Thursday I usually go straight to our church for my church duties, but unfortunately I was late so I just attended church service instead.
Tyhoon Ondoy has been gone for a week now but most of the people still suffer from this tragic experience. Most of the places in the metro are till experiencing power interruption and they scheduled it for today. I'm still in the office, I hope that MRT will not be affected by this.

Wednesdays is my most hated day, actually I used to hate Tuesdays but ever since I've been busy every Wednesday I had a change of heart. I feel so low and gloomy every Wednesday, I don't know why, it feels like Wednesdays is a very loooong day for me.
Wednesday is also known as the "hump day ", according to research a week is based on a hill, Monday and Tuesday is the climbing point where our week start. Wednesday is when you reach the top of the hill, the most difficult part. When you surpass this day, her comes Thursday and Friday represent climbing down or ending the weekdays. That's why for me, after Wednesday it feels like everything go smoothly and fast . Nothing special happened to me today . Tomorrow is Thursday and I'm looking forward to have my weekends soon....

Me in Dave Hill Effect/Color Splash/ Wing Effect

My soon to be sister-in-law Mya is our personal photographer together with her boyfriend Chris. At first it was just her hobby, since she graduated mass communication and I think it's somehow related to it, in broadcasting for instance, whatever. Her photography hobby I started when she had her first Pentax digital camera, and guess who were the first one to take picture in that camera?!?! of course it was me... I love being taken photo... I love to pose around.. hehehe... Anyways, her hobby became more serious when she bought her SLR Nikon D40. It was just before we go on a summer trip to Boracay. It was a memorable vacation (since my fiance proposed to me then and Mya captured it with her magical hand... naks....) .
Yesterday was Mya's rest day, she just stayed home making herself busy editing pictures, by the way she's not only an aspiring photographer but she also likes to edit pictures and most of the time "my pictures".

Here are some of her recent works:

Mya the Photographer/Graphic Artist

Ate Ivy in Wing Effect

Carlo and Friends in Beam Effect

Chris, the backup photographer / mya's BF in Wing Effect

Ca with his band mates in Smoke Effect


Still in my Pajama..

I just woke up, it's Monday morning and I didn't go to work today because we visited my fiance's lola here in Tarlac. It feel so good waking up in the morning without thinking of the things that I should do, breathing fresh air and free from the noise of the metro but just birds chirping around the trees. .. haaayyy.... this is the life I want... We visit here once in a while, we left yesterday at around 2:30 in the afternoon, normally it takes about 3hours from our place to get here but since my fiance drove yesterday it only took us 1 and half hours, imagine us flying in the highway...
We were welcomed by their relatives, by the way the Pabalate's (My fiance's family) is the type of family who is really very close, they have this different closeness that is not very common to other families, they are like friends, a very close barkada I may say...
They are very much aware of our upcoming wedding and everybody were very excited and have their different point of views and ideas for our wedding. One of her aunts Tita bheng will provide us our photo booth souvenir , while tita Elsie will be in charge of the entourage and church flowers as their present.. Thanks in advance... Oh by the way one of her aunt's , Ditse is a dressmaker and she's going to make my bridesmaids dresses....
We really had a great time last night talking and laughing as always, everybody were so makulit especially all of my fiance's uncles including his Dad.
But sad to say , were going back home this afternoon, back to Manila, back to my routine life, waking up at 3am preparing to go to office, hearing loud horns, breathing polluted air and so on. So since I'm still here I still have some time to enjoy the fresh air. Happy Monday to me!

I just got back home from a long day... Every Saturday my fiance visit some of their projects, because it's the salary day for the people who works for them since they are painting contractors and works in a construction . Since it's Mya's (my soon-2-be-sis-in-law) rest day today she decided to come with us because we also need to buy a make up kit box for ate Ivy (Their eldest sister) because it's her birthday, but unfortunately her boyfriend couldn't come because he had to go somewhere. After visiting some of my fiance's project, it's time for us to have lunch, since I just have rice for breakfast I don't feel that hungry yet so we decided to just have pizza in Pizza Hut.

Meat Ball and Mushroom Rice

My Fiance enjoying his rice meal with Creamy mushroom Soup

Ham Bacon and Mushroom pizza for me and Mya

Yummy Pizza!

Mya enjoying the Wifi while waiting for our food

After lunch we stroll around the mall looking for a make up kit box for ate Ivy, we searched all over the mall and we couldn't find any until we entered this make up store, they are the only one who have what we are looking for but we were shocked when we learn about the price of the make up kit box, it was 11,000 lng wonder why other store don't sell this thing hehehe... So we ended giving her a blouse from Kisses & Co. instead.... hehehe...

After buying the gift we got tired and decided to have DQ ice cream before going home. I have Brownies temptation while Mya have M&M.

Tired... but still looking good...


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